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Website Conversion Optimization

Q: What's the most important, and sometimes easiest, way to make more money online?

A: Increase the number of website visitors who become customers by increasing your website conversion rate.

Optimize your website's conversion rate by just 1% or 2% and you can significantly increase your online profits. Ignore your website's conversion rate and you're probably be leaving money on the table.

Website conversion optimization is about maximizing your website's return on investment; making your website working harder for you. Surefire Online Marketing analyzes your website to identify areas for conversion rate improvement that will improve your bottom line.

Surefire's website conversion optimization can be as inexpensive as $500, and the results can be outstanding for your business.

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Case Study - BikeGlow Starts 2012 With A New Look

Ready: BikeGlow, the revolutionary bike frame safety light, wanted to improve it’s website conversion rate prior to investing heavily in advertising and PR for 2012.

Aim: After discussing options, a full redesign was agreed upon to increase the website conversion and improve the brand’s look and feel.

Fire: Along with providing website conversion optimization recommendations, Surefire Online Marketing also project managed the website redesign and development.

Result: BikeGlow website has been redesigned and is ready to launch in January 2012. Success results to come!

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