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Client Testimonials for Surefire Online Marketing

Pam brings a fresh and pragmatic perspective to any marketing project. She's a no-nonsense marketing consultant who cuts through the clutter to get things done on time and on target. She knows what works, and she won't waste resources on tactics that don't. If you're looking for an honest assessment of your online marketing efforts, Pam's a surefire bet.

Renee Alexander
Owner, grassrootsPR

I have been working with Pam Card for about a year and I can't say enough superlatives about her. She's extremely knowledgeable about her field and has already saved me money by culling out unnecessary services I was paying for. She's bright, very conscientious, professional, reliable, always follows through, and along with all that, just a pleasure to work with. Her fees are more than reasonable for the value she brings and I recommend her highly if you want to have successful internet marketing strategies.

Mike Hack
Dentist / Owner, Financial District Dental
Financial District Dental logo

Pam helped Destination Partners create an excellent online offering for online customers as well as promote our products, events and services through social media. I really trust Pam, her skills and expertise, and highly recommend Surefire Online Marketing.

Koray Sanli
President, Destination Partners
Destination Partners Logo

Pam helped us take our beautiful looking website and ensure that we could actually get people to it by amping up our SEO profile. We hadn't thought about this from the outset so there were a number of errors we made in the design process but Pam helped us navigate the options to ensure we could achieve our SEO goal while maintaining our brand objectives. We are looking forward to working with her further to continue to develop our online marketing presence.

Joe Markert
President, FunctionOne IT
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I am so delighted that I met Pam Card...her expertise with online marketing and SEO knowledge has boosted my online presence and allowed clients to find me more easily ...subsequently, I have been receiving more calls and emails than ever...and more clients making appointments! This service is invaluable to me as a solo practitioner.

She is always helpful, cheerful, and funny- which makes working with her a pleasure.

Kay Heatherly
Owner, Kay Heatherly
Kay Heatherly Logo

My website was designed incredibly. It was written wonderfully. But it was just not getting traction. Pam made me realize that even if the site looks pretty and reads well, it may not be enough. She had a deep understanding of my goals, my resources and budget constraints. She used her understanding of online marketing and search engine optimization to make simple changes that increased online visibility and made me confident that I can be found.

She is quite easy to work with and she explained what changes needed to be done, and included the rationale behind it. I was thrilled that I found her and happy I hired her to improve my new website.

Phil Siegel
Publicist / Owner, MediaWorks SF
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San Francisco, CA
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