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Online Marketing Strategy

Q: Who needs an online marketing strategy?

A: You do if you want to make money online.

Good online marketing strategy ensures you are found by the right audience. That potential customers find you first when they’re ready to buy. That you don’t waste money building a fancy website that no one visits, or that no one wants to visit twice. It ensures that your marketing money will be spent to reach your goals.

Surefire Online Marketing follows a three-step process to create customized online marketing strategies:

1) Get Ready: We start by getting to know you and your business.

2) Aim: We develop high-quality solutions that are customized for your business, and that work.

3) Fire: We are happy to execute the plan, recommend the right people for the job or hand over to your in-house team.

Online Marketing Strategy packages start at $500. Contact Surefire Online Marketing to discuss how we can help you make more money with a customized online marketing strategy.

Case Study: Surefire’s Strategy Doubles Paperchase’s Online Sales

Ready: Paperchase is the United Kingdom’s undisputed leader in innovative, design-led stationery, cards and gift wrap. They needed an online strategy to launch their e-commerce website and marketing campaigns.

Aim: Surefire developed an online streategy that revamped their website, online strategy, branding guidelines document, workflow documents, online marketing plan, and eCommerce project specifications plans.

Fire: Surefire planned, managed and executed every aspect of Paperchase’s online strategy.

Results: The new website was launched on-time and within budget, generating a 101% increase in sales and a 100% increase in average order value, year-on-year.

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