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Surefire Online Marketing

a.k.a Pam Card

About Surefire Online Marketing

Surefire Online Marketing is dedicated to helping businesses build their brands, increase their visitors, and boost their profits online. Founded and managed by Pam Card, Surefire provides:

  • Specialization – We specialize in result-driven online marketing. Pam has eleven years of marketing experience with an expertise in online marketing and web development. Along with our partners - grassrootsPR for Public Relations, Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe for copywriting, and a handful of talented website developers and designers - Surefire offers a full range of specialty services that help businesses grow and succeed.
  • Quality Solutions – We give you high-quality solutions that work, are customized for your business, practical, and measurable. We stand behind our solutions and are happy to execute them or recommend the right people for the job.
  • A Personal Touch – We provide a bespoke, individual, one-to-one service to our customers.
  • Demystification – We translate technical, analytical, and marketing jargon into plain English and explain everything we do, without too may three letter abbreviations. We educate and inform you so you can grow your in-house understanding and make educated decisions.
  • A helping hand, not a crutch – We are here to help you meet business targets for however long you need us. If you choose to bring your marketing in-house, we will work with you for a smooth handover.
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San Francisco, CA
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